Breathe Clean Air in Your Building

Our company in Red Boiling Springs, Lafayette & Cookeville, TN can improve your indoor air quality

When it comes to your health, what's more important than the air you breathe? If the air quality in your building isn't good, improving it is crucial. Birdwell Heating & Cooling can raise your indoor air quality in Red Boiling Springs, Lafayette, Cookeville, TN or any surrounding area in Tennessee or Kentucky.

We can do that by installing:


  • An air filter
  • An electronic air cleaner
  • A UV light disinfection system
  • A Global Plasma Solutions system




We also sell plasma ion generators for use in Global Plasma Solutions systems. Call 931-258-3168 right away to talk about the right air purification system for your building.



Concerned about bacteria or mold?

Concerned about bacteria or mold?

When you get an air purification system, your air will be free from bacteria, mildew, mold and fungus. If you're concerned about these things in your building, we can conduct a digital air duct inspection to find out what you're breathing in. Hire us right away to get the details on your indoor air quality.